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Honeywell MS-3780 Fusion

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The MS3780 Fusion barcode scanner combines multi-ray and 1-ray barcode scanning in a handheld device with a lightweight design and convenience to use. The 20 ultrafast laser rays make Fusion an ideal choice for midium-range retailers, including pharmacies, spirits store and convenience stores.

-   Manufacturer: Honeywell.

-   Model: MS-3780 Fusion.

-   Origin: USA / Assembled in China.

-   Scanning Technology: Read 1 laser or 20 laser. Read bar code 1D.

-   Reading speed: 1,333 lines / second (multi-ray); 67 lines / second (single ray).

-   Number of scan lines: 20 rays.

-   Size: 189 x 65 x 73 mm (LxWxH).

-   Weight: 195g.

-   Depth / width of scanning field: 25mm - 279 mm (for bar code 13 mils).

-   Light source: visible laser diode 650mm.

-   System Interface: IBM 46xx / keyboard Wedge / RS-232 / USB.

-   Bar code standard (default): 1D bar code: All 1D bar codes in the GS1 DataBar ™ data.

-   Easy to use and friendly, beautiful design, powerful

-   Commodities are widely used in Europe

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